When the rain falls

Seeing a Dark cloud roll in can be scary and exciting all at once. Dark clouds bring rain, thunder, wind, lightning, and sometimes destruction. Has anyone actually imagined what it was like to be inside that dark cloud? Perhaps you have wondered how it is created. What do you think of when you see a dark cloud and how does it make you feel? This is what it’s like for me.

It is such a satisfying feeling to hear rain. Rain brings growth and richness. Although rain can cause floods, if you get to much of it, but the right amount brings joy for everything that it touches. It’s what happens when a thunderstorm is with rain that causes us to get nervous. On a weather radar you will see red, yellow, and green. Green means it’s just light rain. Yellow means that it’s a regular downpour with some wind, thunder, and possibly lightening. Red is when it gets scary, sometimes so scary we must seek shelter. Shelter from what though? Red wether can snap branches, cause a flood watch, wild wind, and sometimes even a tornado. So what happens before we get into the red of the storm? We prepare. Ensure the animals are secured, our candles are ready, our dishes and clothes are washed, and if we have kids possibly have a few board games prepared. It is always calm before a storm, a storm doesn’t just appear out of nowhere.

Rain will always appear and sometimes a storm will follow. Without the storm we wouldn’t know how beautiful the sun is or the blue sky. Sometimes dark days last 10-15 minutes, some times they last for a day, and sometimes they can last longer. The storm will always past and the sun will always peak through the clouds. Sometimes the sun has to work harder to see through but when it does, it’s always a lot prettier after. Then the most amazing thing happens! The rainbow will cast in the sky to confirm that it’s over, finally over.


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